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Hello Dear Eventide team I have bought mixinglink and I want to connect my strymon reverb and delay and my singular sound loop station pedals to it, but I don’t know how to do this. Can you please guide me and tell me which pedal should be first and then what other pedal and where should the guitar be?and also If I want to use a microphone in front of my cello, how can I place the pedals for the cello and is it possible to get a stereo output from the mixinglinkand listen in headphones? I realy need your help.. thank you very much Best regards

Hello @Farhang

I would have to think about this some. I just wanted to reply so you don’t think you’re being ignored. However, it might be best to make a separate post for your situation. The looper pedal can go in different places depending on your desired situation. They can be at the end of a chain, but many people have them as the first device. People with more experience with looping might see this if you make a separate post.