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Hi Colin,

I too have recently become part of the H9000 club.  I added a Dante board to mine in preparation for live sound use.  I also added the MADI card for the same reason.
I’ve not yet fired up the Dante board, as I’ve been in and out on tour a bit.

I guess one thing that the Dante board will offer you is an integration with a computer via Dante virtual sound card. For not much investment, you could do quite high channel counts in and out of the H9000 using only a network port.  You may not need to purchase any external hardware to make it work.

<span style=”font-size: inherit;”>It may also be worth checking out Dante Via, There is a combo deal that gets you Via and DVS for around $70. This will let you use existing sound I/o that you have on the same computer or other computers to act as I/o instead of purchasing more hardware.
You could use a sound card on a laptop that you are no longer using as additional remote I/o…. Say at a keyboard station or similar. Leave the H9000 in its rack, and patch a keyboard through it using Dante from across the room using this method? (Or just run some long cables… hahaha)</span>

I’d be keen to hear how you do use the Dante board.  Dante is one of those things that can be used in a lot of different ways, not always in a traditional workflow. You may come up with something I’ve just not even considered!