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That’s really helpful @gavvyt, thanks. I think I’m starting to see what Dante might be used for in a studio context.

Forgetting the H9000 for a second, my first thought was that one could stream audio between two computers running DVS (had to look that up…cool!) for a kind of DAW/VST-slave setup, so you have your DAW running light on computer1, while computer2 does CPU-heavy reverbs, etc. OK, but it looks like you need one Dante hardware device on the network, to generate the clock. So I think in this case, the H9000 could function as a very expensive clock for that setup.

I wonder if two computers could share the H9000, with one using it as it’s USB audio interface and the other connected via Dante?… and then would the computers share the same H9000 i/o ports and therefore be able to stream audio between them?

It seems I need to research Dante a little more.