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Ha yeah @gavvyt that is a little bit to digest… usually once I hearing the words “switch” or “DHCP”, my eyes start to glaze over!

Thanks for that though, very helpful. My studio is currently network-free (computer is offline, too) so that may simplify any Dante scenarios… but obviously I would have a lot of learning to do even to understand everything you’ve just described.

That DAW/slave scenario was more of a theoretical one, for me; I didn’t think it was something I was actually interested in doing, but now that I’ve seen AudioGridder, I’m actually thinking it could be a really amazing upgrade to my current setup, especially if I didn’t already order an H9000 to run heavy-duty FX algos, ha! This could be a wonderful way to re-purpose old laptops, though, thanks for pointing it out.

One thing I’ve imagined might be possible with the H9000, and I’m not sure dante would be of any help here, is setting up a way for a remote user to control and stream audio to/from via internet. Yes there would be latency problems, but for demo purposes, or even running reverbs with pre-delay, there could be some utility. With this functionality, one could get help developing new reverb algorithms (vsig) from someone who may be an expert in the field, but does not own a very-expensive H9000. Also would be handy for A/Bing the H9000 against other exotic reverbs, such as in the case where algorithm developers are attempting to duplicate or clone vintage or rare or costly reverbs/FX located in other studios.