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Yeah sorry. I was trying to think of the things that annoyed me about Dante when I first started.

That was pretty much the list of it.  It’s very clever tech, almost zero config…sometimes….



Let me know how you get on with Audio Gridder.  I should really have a look, however…. My laptop is so good now.. that I have not even bothered to turn on my Hdx for a year…scary.


Thats’s a brilliant idea. I’d have a look into Audiomovers for the remote audio in and out.  Or Source connect.   There’s definitely a delay,

That and a Team viewer/Screen sharing/google chrome screen sharing thingy connection and you’ll be 97.367% of the way there.

I did a lot of remote audio during the lockdowns.  AudioMovers worked very well.   I saw the source connect remote session running at name 2020, and it was ridiculous. Talk about a clever solution.


Rock on!