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This should not require both presets A and B.

It seems to me that in preset A using delay A only is a mistake.  I suspect your preset B is correct and is doing all the work here.  If you mute preset A there is prolly no difference.  Also, I’m hearing the initial “hit” and two softer repeats.   So I suggest you try wet mix at less than 50 percent and using preset B only.

Also, there are many ways to skin this simple cat.  Using Digital Delay is fine, but when I hear just one, two, or three repeats I always think of a multitap delay.  Ultratap is my favorite.  The way multitaps work, you specify the total length of time and the number of repeats.   Here it might be 560 ms and 2 repeats.  Sometimes there is a repeat parameter and here that would be zero.

That’s a nice song (Sugar).