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      gas hed

      H90 user here. Dare I say it, but it appears I don’t know how to use the delay algorithms. I’m working on the intro to the song Sugar by Maroon 5, and there is a distinct delay with 3 fading tones after the initial tone. Can someone help me get there? I’m going with Digital Delay and giving it 250ms delay time (A only) with feedback at 30%. When I turn levels up, I can’t hear the first tone. When I turn levels down, it is a weak effect. Thoughts?

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      gas hed

      Figured it out with 2 delays, thanks god for H90’s capability to use 2 effect algos!


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      This should not require both presets A and B.

      It seems to me that in preset A using delay A only is a mistake.  I suspect your preset B is correct and is doing all the work here.  If you mute preset A there is prolly no difference.  Also, I’m hearing the initial “hit” and two softer repeats.   So I suggest you try wet mix at less than 50 percent and using preset B only.

      Also, there are many ways to skin this simple cat.  Using Digital Delay is fine, but when I hear just one, two, or three repeats I always think of a multitap delay.  Ultratap is my favorite.  The way multitaps work, you specify the total length of time and the number of repeats.   Here it might be 560 ms and 2 repeats.  Sometimes there is a repeat parameter and here that would be zero.

      That’s a nice song (Sugar).


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      I haven’t reconstructed like @apalazzolo here, but looking at it: Preset A just appears to be reinforcing the 1st recycle of Preset B – Feedback A (and that may be the intent here). If this works out for you, great. Along the lines of ‘many ways to skin a cat’:

      I personally take the initial approach of 100% wet in both Preset A & B, and dialing back the Program Mix from 100% to an appropriate level.  I think it’s easier to hear the effect each Preset has on the final product.  Bypass either Preset to focus on the other one.

      Yes, there are also instances (in Series) when Preset B could use a mixture of Preset A’s effect, and plenty of other exceptions.  You can always balance between the two Presets with Gain controls.

      Different strokes.  UltraTap is a great suggestion for this (also a favorite here).  If stereo is important to you, I hear some panning on those intro delays, and that would be easy enough to cover with the Width control.

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