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My H9000 with dante card arrived today, wow! The sound is truly stunning, I’m very curious to see how it works in the mix.

One thing that I don’t believe was mentioned is you can get relatively cheap Analog > Dante adapters for adding a few additional inputs or outputs to your H9000, this may be a better option instead of another Dante device for more I/O – https://www.audinate.com/products/devices/dante-avio

These work out to about $150cad/input or output. I think the Yamaha Tio works out to $70cad/in or out. I cant find any reviews of the Tio, so really not sure how good or bad that might be, it’s sooo much cheaper than any other ADDA with dante.

Anybody have any comments on the avio AD or DA? It looks like a pesky format; does it just dangle off the back of a patchbay or sit on the floor collecting dust, or what?