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I haven’t reconstructed like @apalazzolo here, but looking at it: Preset A just appears to be reinforcing the 1st recycle of Preset B – Feedback A (and that may be the intent here). If this works out for you, great. Along the lines of ‘many ways to skin a cat’:

I personally take the initial approach of 100% wet in both Preset A & B, and dialing back the Program Mix from 100% to an appropriate level.  I think it’s easier to hear the effect each Preset has on the final product.  Bypass either Preset to focus on the other one.

Yes, there are also instances (in Series) when Preset B could use a mixture of Preset A’s effect, and plenty of other exceptions.  You can always balance between the two Presets with Gain controls.

Different strokes.  UltraTap is a great suggestion for this (also a favorite here).  If stereo is important to you, I hear some panning on those intro delays, and that would be easy enough to cover with the Width control.