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Optimally, and personally, I would have each pedal on my board have its own outlet, but…

Would you suggest using only the Cioks for the entire pedalboard, in order to have 1 place for the H90 at 12V/500mA; 3 spots each for three digital pedals (Deco, Cloudburst and Dream65); and a spot daisychained to the four analog pedals?

This will work just fine provided the analog pedals have the same polarity, the sum of their current draw is not greater than the outlet can provide, and you don’t experience any ground loops, which is not uncommon when daisy chaining pedals like this.

would you suggest staying as just mentioned, except for the H90 connected to its standard power supply?

Not necessary, frankly.

I also have a T-Rex with 5 independent spots providing 120mA/9V each. Would you recommend using it for analog pedals instead of cascading the four analog pedals to the Cioks?

Only if you experience ground loops with the Sol, which I bet won’t be the case.