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  • I also vote for the request mentioning natural reverb above. I don’t like results I get with h90, “digital” sound is too apparent.
  • However this might be due to the nature (frequencies) of my instrument (saxophone), so my ask would be actually add more source types to the h90 (currently there are I think Guitar, Bass guitar, Lead, and Sub ). Maybe add woodwinds, brass, vocal source types would make difference?
  • I have also noticed that there is problem with sound levels for different algorithms, in the way it overloads amplification in one algo but it is ok for other. Again I’m not sure if for guitars the same problem exists, but with saxophone there is need to spend hours to level those algorithms properly.

In addition to everything I’ve said in this thread, make sure you’re using larger sizes in your reverbs. Reduce decay or feedback controls to help compensate for the increased decay time from larger reverb sizes.