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I’ll add to my last request for emphasis, that the Eventide H90 is specifically called a Harmonizer, and it’s amazing at pitch shifting and harmonizing. You guys invented it after all. Please know how much I love and respect Eventide 🙂

And yet, this Harmonizer doesn’t have a vocoder, or even the ability to harmonize based on midi input or audio input. (Correct me if I’m wrong here) It should have the best vocoder on the market! Or at least a Harmonizer which can receive midi from a keyboard and use that midi info as a source for pitch shifting and generating harmonies. For that matter, I think the sift technology could be employed to do the same thing with a guitar or simple audio input as the source info for harmonizing. Im guessing that in the Vocoder or Harmonizer there would be a source knob where you can choose a static key (like you currently have in diatonic or quadravox), or you can choose midi input, or even an alternate audio input, so that I could play a chord and the pedal would harmonize my voice to it. Does that make sense? You guys should have the best version of this kind of effect. You are Eventide. You invented the Harmonizer.

On that note, please give us additional control of formant shifting and some subtle and sweet pitch correction. Maybe even the ability to modulate the formant shifting. These features are IMO essential to the best in class Eventide Harmonizer of the 21st century 🙂


On a totally separate note, one other thing I would really like is for the stomp switches to be more customizable in perform mode.
Currently it seems on each page of perform mode there is only one stomp switch assignable to each preset. I should be able to set all 3 stomps to do what ever I want. So like on one page I should be able to make all three stomps effect different parameters in the same single preset if I need to. Like for example one stomp could make my delay pitch jump, and another could make my delay self oscillate. I shouldn’t need to change pages to do this.

thanks. I love my H90. And love Eventide 🙂