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…If you turn Kill Dry on, this will remove the dry signal from the looper entirely. You will only hear the looped audio and the mix parameter will act as a level control for the loop.

That’s not what I experience.  While kill dry (enabled at program level) does affect the program mix values as expected – 100% = all effect signal audible, 0% = silence – the preset (looper) mix at 100% behaves as described in the OP – : input signal is a) audible when the looper is recording, b) *not* audible while overdubbing, and c) audible while the looper is stopped.

What I was hoping to find, and the reason for my question, was a way for the looper to behave like other effects (eg, delay, verb, trem) that have a preset level mix param.  That is, where 100% mix at the preset level will output only effected signal, and 0% preset level mix will output only input signal.  That’s the case with the delay, verb, & trem I just checked.  But that’s not the case with the looper…  it does both, depending on the state it’s in.

Screenshots attached, so please let me know if what I’m experiencing is due to user error.




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