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Like all of the posters here I am hoping that we will be able to tweak  <span style=”font-size: inherit;”>he H90 from a mobile Bluetooth device. That being said eventide has my vote hands-down with the product line and the customer support staff!! Another successful time-based digital stop box company has one of their delay devices that not all the front panel knobs when moved will post their value in the display:-0 I happened to use the Numbers as a reference to identify the effect on the sound So this is important to me. When I spoke with customer service at the manufacturer they were ready to say that particular functionality would not be finished:-( I suppose more money was made in marketing the next paddle that they offered. even though I like their effect pedals I will not buy even a power supply from them. Eventide however was still updating my Eclipse many years after I purchased it! It may still be getting updates I just moved away from rack gear-it gets too heavy. I expect that the overall development costs for a device like the H90 with an arm based processor would be very high and if our front you add in the cost of developing an iPad app and dealing with Apple the pedal might be twice as expensive and that would kill most sales if not all:-0 I still love Eventide eventhough my H90 has not made it to my gigging pedalboard:-) Good things take as long as it takes.</span><span style=”font-size: inherit;”>