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… I think I’ll explore the MIDI option if/when I need more patterns than the presets provide. As mentioned, the Fractal AX8 has a powerful sequencer (and MIDI out) that could drive the Pitchfactor or H90 into arpeggiator heaven.

You may find the link below useful.  1st link on that page works out the CC value ranges for sequencing with the H910 / H949 algorithm.  There’s another post around here that does the same for the Diatonic / QuadraVox algos.


I’ll add that an EHX 8 Step Program can effectively bypass the MIDI requirement, for those reluctant to dive in head-first.  Map the Pitch parameters to expression pedal, then adjust each slider in Step Mode to create your sequence.  Using a hybrid expression / MIDI approach, you can cue up eight-step sequences to smoothly chain together some very long patterns.