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Unfortunately, Eventide has made the somewhat odd choice not to include this (pretty basic, if I may add) functionality with the MP pedal and EDM.

There’s also no way to calculate the values or create a formula to translate them, because the Delay and Pitch knobs are non-linear (to give users more control over short delay times).
As a workaround, I’ve mapped the entire Delay range in ms and subdivisions, and also the Pitch range in cents and created a spreadsheet to help myself adjust these parameters.

You can view the spreadsheet here.

The sheet also includes an “advanced” option to type in a specific delay time in ms (cell K1) or a specific tempo (cell J1) and get a precise result in columns F and G respectively.
This option can not be preformed on the online sheet, as it is set to ‘view only’ and you’ll have to download it and use Excel or your personal account’s Google Sheets app.
If you want to use that function let me know and I’ll share it as a downloadable file.

Hope that helps