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      Hi everyone

      I recently purchased the MicroPitch Pedal and I’m very happy with it. Only one thing which I dearly miss is being able to set exact values in the EDM. So let’s say I want Delay 1 to be 388 ms and the second one exactly double as much. Is it somehow possible to set these values instead of adjusting them like on the device and try to get as closely as possible?

      Many thanks for any idea and help.


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      Eventide Staff

      Hello Fabian,

      This type of precision is not available on this line of pedals. My advice would be to use tap tempo to approximate one of the two tempos and then adjust the other delay accordingly.

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      Unfortunately, Eventide has made the somewhat odd choice not to include this (pretty basic, if I may add) functionality with the MP pedal and EDM.

      There’s also no way to calculate the values or create a formula to translate them, because the Delay and Pitch knobs are non-linear (to give users more control over short delay times).
      As a workaround, I’ve mapped the entire Delay range in ms and subdivisions, and also the Pitch range in cents and created a spreadsheet to help myself adjust these parameters.

      You can view the spreadsheet here.

      The sheet also includes an “advanced” option to type in a specific delay time in ms (cell K1) or a specific tempo (cell J1) and get a precise result in columns F and G respectively.
      This option can not be preformed on the online sheet, as it is set to ‘view only’ and you’ll have to download it and use Excel or your personal account’s Google Sheets app.
      If you want to use that function let me know and I’ll share it as a downloadable file.

      Hope that helps

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      Eventide Staff

      This is an excellent resource edi9, and thanks for sharing.

      To give a little more insight about these pedals, the dot9 line was designed to be more of a WYSIWYG style of pedal like more traditional stomp boxes. The mantra was more “use your ears” than it was “let’s give them max tweakability” as is the case with most Eventide gear.

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      Thanks, Joe.
      We’ve discussed this before, and I do understand what you guys were aiming for and respect that.
      I also kept my MicroPitch pedal even though I have the H90, because I genuinely think it’s one of the greatest pedals ever.
      My comment above was meant to reflect my thoughts on the subject, where we have a dual digital delay AND a desktop control app, but we can’t set the most basic parameter – delay time in ms.
      If the app was not included and we had something like a Boss DD pedal I wouldn’t even think about it.

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      Thank you udi9 & Joe, I appreciate your help. That would be great if you could make that sheet downloadable, if it doesn’t take too much of your time.

      When I saw the EDM with the possibility to move around presets, I expected the possibility to dial in exact parameters to be honest. I could have looked more closely though before buying. But it’s not that big of a deal, I only need to have one preset with specific delay times, for the other stuff I can easily go by ear.

      It’s still a great pedal, quite some sounds in there for the size and cost, thank you Eventide!

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      Sure, you can download it here.

      To set a specific delay time:
      1. Make sure you’re in Tempo Mode.
      2. Type the desired time (in milliseconds) in cell K1 – for example 125ms.
      3. Choose one of the rows – for example row 17
      4. Set the Delay (A or B) knob to the corresponding MIDI value of the row (column A) – in this case 15
      5. Set the pedal’s tempo to the value in column G – in this case 60

      * It doesn’t really matter which row you choose, as a long as the tempo in column G is in the allowed range of the pedal.
      * I can’t remember atm if the pedal allows decimal BPM values, so preferably, choose a row with a whole number in column G when possible.
      * You can also type in a tempo BPM in cell I1 (I mistyped J1 in my previous post), and column F will display the delay times that match the MIDI values in column A.

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      Just downloaded it, thank you very much Sir, your help is highly appreciated! Very clever approach to things you demonstrate here. I’ll try it some time during the weekend. All the best to you!

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