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Sure, you can download it here.

To set a specific delay time:
1. Make sure you’re in Tempo Mode.
2. Type the desired time (in milliseconds) in cell K1 – for example 125ms.
3. Choose one of the rows – for example row 17
4. Set the Delay (A or B) knob to the corresponding MIDI value of the row (column A) – in this case 15
5. Set the pedal’s tempo to the value in column G – in this case 60

* It doesn’t really matter which row you choose, as a long as the tempo in column G is in the allowed range of the pedal.
* I can’t remember atm if the pedal allows decimal BPM values, so preferably, choose a row with a whole number in column G when possible.
* You can also type in a tempo BPM in cell I1 (I mistyped J1 in my previous post), and column F will display the delay times that match the MIDI values in column A.