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Just to add to the Joeydego post, the H9000 manual has the following in Section 4.4:

4.4. Using Emote as a Plug-in¶
Emote can be used in your DAW using VST3, VST, AU, and AAX plug-in formats. Only one instance of Emote is needed in a given DAW project, and it does not matter which audio track it is placed on.

Note :Using Emote as a plug-in does not automatically route audio connections to the H9000, all audio connections must be configured by using your selected DAW’s method of routing external audio effects.


In your case you need to (as per your screenshot) route audio from your audio interface into the analog in of the H9000 using an audio cable and then another cable from the H9000 analog out to the input of your audio interface and configure Ablelton.