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Thanks to both peterpriddle & bsfreq for pointing out my wrong settings; now I tried to reset my totalmix setting all over again with better labeling (From H9K, Ableton, To H9K) and the master output gain from Ableton seems to be OK, but again I still got very low output from H9K as shown in the picture…… Can’t raise any more gain on any of these controls (From H9K, Ableton, To H9K) otherwise serious feedback occurs. I figured that when instrument direct plugged into analog input of H9K, everything works so smoothly, but when routing audio from DAW to H9K and back to DAW just cant get it right. What else could be wrong !?? LOW OUTPUT 2


You should really learn TMFX first. (Look into submix mode – You have independent mixes for each output.) Now you’re actually sending the return signal from H9000 (From H9K in) back to H9000 (To H9K out) effectively causing the feedback loop. You have raised the H9K input fader on the mix that you’re sending to the H9K!!