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While Eventide could certainly explore granular effects to a greater degree, (I would love a real time granular stretcher) I will mention that I have had excellent granularish results with their digital delay, in large part because there is no pitch shifting when changing delay time, instead the new delay times are cross faded in (at a fade of your choosing, from short and glitchy to long and soft) and so if you sweep delay times either with an expression pedal, hot switch, or just turning the delay time knobs you will end up with what sounds like a glitchy granular delay (very similar to vongon polyphrase’s time selector knob). It helps having the feedback up high so that the changes can record into the feedback. But it works at low feedback as well. Also the looper can do granular effects just by altering the loop length (turn it way down) and then scrubbing through the start time. You can still pitch shift and reverse this so it becomes a super powerful granular looper actually 🙂 both of these are very worthy of exploration if you are into granular type sounds. Best of luck.