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First, I am truly blown away by the H90. Presently owning (for years) a handful of Eventide pedals, I thought I might find the H90 as a bit redundant. However, my experience is that it really is a step up, and that it gels together in a “sum of parts equals more then the parts” way.

Not to mention, my faith in how Eventide supports their products made that “OMG that pedal costs a lot” experience, continue to be purchase moment. (I have a list of companies that I will not purchase another item from, due to their lack/type of support).

Second, as a suggestion, that would make my user experience of the H90, a little better: would be to, have an icon on the main window (program) that indicates the insert routing.

(I have a Empress Effects Zoia as an insert. The two together are scary. That is even before I start running out midi cc from the Zoia. I can not find my type A midi breakout adaptors).

It would also be useful, to have a chart of signal flow per algorithm. My experience suggests that some algorithms stay stereo through the inserts, and other sum. Since this is only my second day with the H90, I could be missing something.

Again thank you Eventide.