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I’ll just start:
An autotune effect specifically for vocals
A vocoder with built-in carrier signal as well as the possibility to feed in the carrier.
A modern, natural reverb with many settings. Many of the effects integrated so far come from the H9, which is limited to 10 parameters.

As a vocalist I was initially having some difficulty finding reverbs I liked specifically on vocals on the H90. Like they sounded great on guitar and synths but they seemed a bit unnatural on vocals. But I’ve been digging in and exploring the algos and I have had excellent results with Blackhole (for more cathedral type stuff) and very good sounding results with plate, room and hall algorithms. There are a lot of parameters and they do different things. Also regarding the wish for control of early vs late reflections, the room algo has a knob that mixes between early and late reflections and this algo sounds very natural especially for shorter reverbs 🙂 hope that helps. I find when I add a little subtle modulation it makes the reverbs really shine.