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(JuanLukas)   I also am primarily a bassist. The Hotsawz does work with bass! I’ve made some great presets for synth bass ,horn,etc. It can be tricky sometimes but it is usable for sure, it will track with proper setup. First I have a  external compressor on my board to even the signal  before the H90. If you have an active bass I find switching the input to line works better. Certain settings on the source Lead vs bass vs sub work better with the type of patch you create with Hotsawz. I use a fretwrap to deaden and stray vibrations. Your playing position on the neck will affect tracking too ,best 5th fret and above.  I also use light bass strings (40-95) which track much better than overly thick strings. The final necessary ingredient is technique! Playing clean will limit any unexpected notes. However when set right I find it responds well to  slides and bends.