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Okay, this worked for me. I’m wondering if this is the final solution until the next Logic update (with a file.component on my desktop :-). Thank you so much. P.S. Both Blackhole plugins worked on my Logic 10.7.9. The issue came up when I updated to Logic 10.8.

This appears to be a bug in Logic 10.8. Both plugins have worked side-by-side (without issue) since Logic 9. We have submitted a bug report to Apple, and are in touch with our contacts there. Hopefully they can resolve the issue quickly.

You could move the Blackhole No MIDI.component file to the Trash, if you don’t want it cluttering your desktop. Once the issue is fixed, you could uninstall / resintall the plugin, and it will reinstall the necessary components.

We’ll keep this thread updated as we have more information.