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I went deep down the rabbit hole with Tri-brato went it was first launched.  Here’s what I do:

  • Delay CCW
  • Depth L = 1**
  • Depth C = the de facto Vibrato depth adjustment.
  • Depth R = 1**
  • Detune Mix, Env Mix, Env Rate = 0
  • Detune & Tone = L0 R 0 & Flat.

That way, the middle LFO phase is all that’s active, and you can use Depth C to tame it or exaggerate it.

** I got in the habit of never turning Depth L-C-R to OFF.  I got some nasty pops when sweeping the Depths OFF – 100 with an expression pedal.

** Which is a nice way to pan from centered mono to stereo (and back again), with Depth C and Depth L&R mapped in opposite directions.

For a realistic Vibrato, I keep the LFO Rate in an authentic range, around 1.00 – 5.00 Hz.  Certainly no higher than 5.50 Hz., but with rotary & synthetic sounds, all bets are off.

With an H90, you could probably achieve similar results to the above by dialing the Program Mix back from 100%.  Since Chorus mixes some dry with modulation, and Vibrato does not, that seems like another viable option.