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      The ET factory Syrupy Leslie uses the Vibrato setting on the Chorus/Vibrato/Chorale knob and I love that preset.  However, the Vibrato setting can be a bit overpowering at a fast-rotor (modulation) speed (about 6.5 Hz).

      I’d like to know if there is a clever way to turn down the Vibrato “intensity or depth”.  It appears that that can’t be done using the Chorus/Vibrato/Chorale knob.  Is it possible to achieve an equivalent/similar result by turning down the Right, Center, and Left knobs or something else?

      All thoughts appreciated.


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      I went deep down the rabbit hole with Tri-brato went it was first launched.  Here’s what I do:

      • Delay CCW
      • Depth L = 1**
      • Depth C = the de facto Vibrato depth adjustment.
      • Depth R = 1**
      • Detune Mix, Env Mix, Env Rate = 0
      • Detune & Tone = L0 R 0 & Flat.

      That way, the middle LFO phase is all that’s active, and you can use Depth C to tame it or exaggerate it.

      ** I got in the habit of never turning Depth L-C-R to OFF.  I got some nasty pops when sweeping the Depths OFF – 100 with an expression pedal.

      ** Which is a nice way to pan from centered mono to stereo (and back again), with Depth C and Depth L&R mapped in opposite directions.

      For a realistic Vibrato, I keep the LFO Rate in an authentic range, around 1.00 – 5.00 Hz.  Certainly no higher than 5.50 Hz., but with rotary & synthetic sounds, all bets are off.

      With an H90, you could probably achieve similar results to the above by dialing the Program Mix back from 100%.  Since Chorus mixes some dry with modulation, and Vibrato does not, that seems like another viable option.

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      Actually, let me amend that.  You get a cleaner centered Vibrato with Depth L & R set to OFF, due to the automatic ‘voice’ compensation.

      It seems to me something got tweaked along the way, if only my own setups here or perceptions.

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      Thanks Brock. This gave me the confidence to go back at it.  And, for my purposes just radically lowering the Center Depth worked.  I had tweaked that before but it didn’t seem to do anything.

      I have a video of a guy demonstrating Greg Allman’s part in Dreams I’ll Never See using an actual B3 and Leslie.  I’m trying to match that as closely as I can and TriceraChorus is beating out Rotary and Spacetime so far.  I’ve read that Leslies commonly spin the rotor at about 5.75 Hz max and horn at 6.75  Hz max.  So I’m splitting the baby and using 6.33.  On the low end, they both spin at less than 1 Hz but I’m going with about 1.3 so my old ears can hear it better.

      PS The idea to use the three depth controls as a manual panner is genius!

      Much obliged.



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      Cool, Tony, whatever works.  I’ve tried the closely emulated Leslie build myself, and Rotary just didn’t do it for me.  I feel like I’m missing something there, as many people adore the Rotary algo.

      We just never gelled.  FWIW, I’ve tried using combinations of Even-Vibe, TremoloPan, HarmaDillo, and even the O.G. Vibrato; singles & doubled up algorithms.  Better, but most often, that will hog up both H90 Preset slots.

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