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Thanks Brock. This gave me the confidence to go back at it.  And, for my purposes just radically lowering the Center Depth worked.  I had tweaked that before but it didn’t seem to do anything.

I have a video of a guy demonstrating Greg Allman’s part in Dreams I’ll Never See using an actual B3 and Leslie.  I’m trying to match that as closely as I can and TriceraChorus is beating out Rotary and Spacetime so far.  I’ve read that Leslies commonly spin the rotor at about 5.75 Hz max and horn at 6.75  Hz max.  So I’m splitting the baby and using 6.33.  On the low end, they both spin at less than 1 Hz but I’m going with about 1.3 so my old ears can hear it better.

PS The idea to use the three depth controls as a manual panner is genius!

Much obliged.