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Thank you for your help; sincerely appreciate the “educational outreach” and helping me obtain greater understanding. Two issues I hope to resolve:

1. I have (2) TimeFactors (TF1 and TF2) I want to connect together and use in the effects loop of my amp. TF1 is connected to the effects loop in the conventional approach: Effects Send to Input 1 and Effects Return to Output 1.

However I hope to connect TF2 to TF1 and use them both together. Is that accomplished by connecting the TF1 Output 2 to TF2 Input 1; and, then TF2 Output 1 to TF1 Input2? Of course I tried this, and honestly could not hear any change in the sound of the effects. What are the correct connections to bridge 2 TF units together? I understand there are only so many possibilities, and it should be easy enough to reason through, but I don’t want to compromise the units.

I have tried the “self help” approach: YouTube videos; Forum and extensive web searches, but unable to find the answer. It must fall into the category of “intuitively obvious”!

2. Secondly, I would like to update the TF to obtain the full factory preset library; however, after reviewing the “Downloads and Documentation” Page, I really don’t understand how I import the presets into the TF devices. I have older units (both serial numbers below 03175) that have never been updated <em class=”d4pbbc-italic” i=”ave”>, but the download options appear to be “fixes”/improvements. What’s the process to import the full preset library?

Thank you for your patience and understanding; I’m just trying to find my way and obtain an education; details really help – thank you. Respectfully submitted.Discussion delves into the intricacies of ensuring seamless connectivity and effective management of presets for optimal performance. Understanding the connectivity and import methods is crucial for musicians and enthusiasts using the TimeFactor, offering them a comprehensive guide to enhance their musical experience. For students seeking essay help or academic assistance, https://essays.edubirdie.com/essay-help connects them with EduBirdie, a platform offering essay-related services. Just as technical understanding is vital for TimeFactor users, academic support services assist students in achieving excellence in their essays and coursework.

yes i also faced such problems