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Hey, just want to say the more I use the H90 the more I love it. It’s so deep.

That said, 2 more minor improvement ideas, incase anyone is reading this:

1. Give us an independent, mappable LFO that we can assign to any parameter in any effect, probably in parameter mapping, in the control source menu, give us an LFO and then add speed depth and waveform controls for that LFO to the parameters list. How powerful would it be to be able to control any parameter with an independent LFO?

2. Can you add a mix parameter and perhaps an LFO stereo offset to the Q-wah? I love the sound of the filter, especially the voc formant. It would be sick to be able to offset it 180 degrees between left and right. Or invert the LFO between left and right. And I think it is a pretty standard feature to have a wet dry mix on a filter. Makes it way more flexible to be able to mix that sound in against the dry signal.

Am I crazy? Or do these sound like good ideas?