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Hi all, Sorry for not responding to this sooner. We are still not sure what is causing this issue for some users and if it has to do with specific set ups/configurations used. We have not been able to confirm any extraneous noise in our testing in-house. Our testing has found the level of noise is appropriate for the intended sound of the algorithm. We do realize this is any issue for some users and we can work with you to address this. Anybody who is having issues with Head Space, please contact support@eventide.com and provide any details you think may be useful there. I can help troubleshoot your issue when we are back from Thanksgiving break next week. Sorry for the inconvenience.


See, this is what worries me. If you can’t replicate the issue and find the noise levels acceptable, it makes me think the problem is specifically unit-related. Back in my Helix times, I was unfortunate to receive the unit with (as L6 nicely put it) audio artefacts, essentially hardware with out-of-spec parts creating noise (see this thread if you want to know more https://line6.com/support/topic/32964-hx-effects-audio-artifacts/). What is the chance that my £1k H90 does not have a similar issue without returning this exact unit for the service? I have general noise with the unit, mostly barely audible like LFO noise with modulation units, yet still low enough noise floor to ignore it. But the Head Space noise level is crazy, even with the Tape Hiss parameter turned way down. It would make sense if the noise were user-controllable and able to go studio-like silent. The clip I have posted above is of the factory Programs; I can’t see the noise floor as “appropriate for the intended sound of the algorithm”.
Can you look into it again or accept my unit for a service, please?