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I installed  H90 Control app 1.71 (MacOS 11.7.2) and used that to install H90 firmware 1.6.11. It seemed to go fine. I did have to power cycle the H90. When I did, it updated the panel and then updated Bluetooth (separate sequences and both happened automatically when I connected power after doing the firmware update)


I see the new PolySynth algorithm and related programs and presets.

But the app keeps losing the USB connection. When this happens, sometimes it will flip between the H90 showing as “Not Available” and “Connect” on a pretty regular cadence (like, 2 seconds “Not Available” then 2 seconds “Connect”)

And sometimes it just shows “Not Available” until I disconnect and reconnect the USB cable at the H90 (if I disconnect the USB at the computer, nothing changes)

And sometimes, it just shows “Connect” and I can connect. But then the connection gets lost again after maybe a couple minutes. Lather rinse repeat

I do connect thru a USB hub and have not (yet) tried connecting H90 directly to the computer because it’ll take some logistics and because I’ve not had any issue with this connection in the past and other devices connected to the same hub don’t have an issue.


Any advice is appreciated and let me know if I can provide more info.