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Yep.  “This” is a problem all right.  And, by “this” I do not mean the fact that changing one user preset in the library does not also ripple the changes out to all other instances of user presets with the same name.

“This” problem probably boils down to a failure to properly overwrite user presets in the library as expected.  That failure leads to multiple user presets in the library with the same name and some of which (1) are all zero values (blank), (2) have old values, and/or (3) can’t even be deleted from the library after multiple attempts. Even if I can seemingly delete all of the multiple user presets with the same name to try to start fresh, I am still prompted that a user preset of the same name already exists and am I sure that I want to overwrite it.

At this point, most user presets in my library are all zero values and I often cannot delete those and save a new one with the intended values.  That is to say, most of the time I can save a user preset to the library with a fresh/unique name ONCE.  After that, I have no idea what will happen so I save my user lists often and don’t relay on the library.  I never build programs starting with library user presets.  I copy them from programs in my user lists.

On the plus side, I have ALMOST never has a user preset in a user program list go blank on me.  A few strange things have happened to some user presets but I chalked them up to a firmware update.