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… Not sure I will ever get my head around those 24 controls though. I may just look for ready made patches …

It’s not hard to miss something (all of them don’t fit on one H90 Control screen in my laptop).  But I think it helps to mentally group parameters together.

Voices / oscillators:  Levels, Shifts, Shapes 1-2-3.  Overall control over this multi-voice group:  Spread, Detune, Play Style.

Low pass filter & envelope follower grouped together:  Attack, Cutoff, Resonance, Env Amount, Env Sens.  Separate but related:  Freeze Rel and the Freeze Performance Parameters.

LFO in the assignable wildcard group:  LFO Dest, LFO Amount, LFO Rate & LFO Shape.

Positive / negative modulation throughout  deserves its own dedicated discussion.  Pitch Wheel for global control.

There have been a few more PolySynth patches popping up in the wild already.  Some are a very good additions to the wide-ranging [F]actory offerings.