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Problem is solved. I am just going to post here what happened in case anyone else has this issue..

I had to do a factory reset of the device and then it allowed the firmware to download and transfer from the computer to the H90. However, during the firmware update process (firmware transfer to device from my computer), it said that 2 files were not updated or something to that effect. When I turned on the H90 pedal it got stuck in the boot up process and there was a line at the bottom of the device screen saying “E2:/install/myserialnumber-h90- bad file…”. I don’t know if it said anything after “file” because there is not enough room on the screen. Also every light got lit up on the pedal and stayed lit. I tried to perform a factory reset but still would get the same message and situation. H90 Control also would not recognize that my device was connected. Tried the factory reset a couple of times and same result. So at this point I was fearing that I had $900 brick with Xmas lights. Next I went back to H90 control and clicked on the sandwich menu icon and selected “H90 Recovery”. It told me to enter recovery mode by booting up the pedal while holding down the Select, Perform, and Quick Knob 1 buttons simultaneously. I did this and the H90 screen booted up in recovery mode. The screen said H90 Recovery v1.01. It just sat there doing nothing. I went back to H90 Control and my device seemed to be recognized and I re-installed the firmware. Again nothing happened so I did the firmware installation again, and this time it took. Everything is back to being functional. Not sure why this was such an arduous process with mutliple attempts for the download to get into the device correctly but after changing my pants I am happy again.