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I ran around the shops playing with pedals and found the Roland EV5 works. My guess is that the Moog EP2 is the same polarity as the Yamaha and Korg pedals, hence not working with the Eventide units. On my travels I was recommended the Mission pedals, which look great and some feature a polarity switch. Still confused about what the Ohmage really means but now I have the full sweep I dont care! Pitchfactor is awesome by the way!

just found this, I’m in the same boat… stupid thing is, that when I switch polarity (switch to ‘other’ on bottom of pedal) the pedal DOES cover the full range but in reverse, i.e. heel down is 100… I’m freaking out! Now I just read that on a program level you can also switch polarity but that’s not really a road I want t9 go… any tips on this? Could it be that I need I different TRS cable and all will be well? Or just sell the damn thing and buy something else… I’m really looking for something light for my mobile setup (I have a Mission pedal in the studio but I’m on the road now)… suggestions welcome for something light and compact.