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I could reduce noise by playing with gain controls, but the delay character lost balls, so I can’t see it as a resolution. I still want to see if a change in routing type will fix it, but I was busy with work the past week, so I couldn’t even touch my guitars. I’m not ready to give up on H90; I know it is a new unit, and issues can happen, but if they all keep being ignored by Eventide, I will come back to line 6 and never look back again on any Eventide product. Ignoring issues is how you lose your customer base. I can live with small latency when changing presets, I can live with no Antivirus software to be able to link my H90 to the Control app, and I can live with no PC/Android Bluetooth support, but I just can’t stand the noise. I took so much care to reduce the noise level in my rig to non-existent, and I won’t keep an expensive unit injecting a humongous noise back into my signal route.