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I re-routed my setup as a send/receive on a mixer with Kill Dry = On in Global and I think I got a repro of this.

I have a program with HeadSpace going into Shimmer. Program and Preset A are both set to Kill Dry = Global. With Preset B (Shimmer) also set to Kill Dry = Global I do not hear any noise. But when I change it to Off (so that I can properly hear the dry portion of Preset A — because of another bug, see this thread: https://www.eventideaudio.com/forums/topic/kill-dry-behaviour-on-algorithm-a-in-series/), I start hearing a significant amount of noise. Weirdly, the noise seems to only be present when there is no input signal, when I play something on the input, the noise tapers off, and fades back in as the input level dies down. (Does that mean there is some automatic gain adjustment happening there somewhere?)