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And the Federal Reserve claims that price pressures are “easing.”  Oooh, the Core Personal Consumption Expenditures index (which excludes food and energy costs) declined to 2.3% from 2.4%! Inflation has been tamed!  America, F yeah!

I’m not gonna complain because every company in the America  is having to deal with the toxic consequences of the trillion-dollar money printings by the criminals, incompetents and sociopaths in the Imperial Capital. I would assume that Eventide, like every other small enterprise out there, is having to deal with any number of headaches: wage pressures, component costs, supply chain, etc. In Texas, where I live, a friend of mine with a machine/fab shop calls it the “inflation tax” and even with modest price hikes he’s barely able to break even. It’s small businesses like Eventide that get soaked the worst by this crap, and I’m genuinely sorry.


I don’t really regard this as Eventide gouging customers, but just another example of the failure of the American fiat money system.


So I’ll pay it because I genuinely believe that Eventide’s plugs are the absolute best out there.