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  • Curious, are you using the LFO Dest set to Detune, with a positive or negative LFO Amount, or just the Detune parameter itself?  Some combination of the above?
  • Without knowing the above, I can suggest to start by using one or the other:  Detune itself, or LFO Dest – Detune with LFO Amount minimal.  Set whatever you’re not using at the moment to zero.
  • Hmm, I don’t find PolySynth to be dropping off the cliff like HotSawz.  The filter envelope follower is a joy to use on string decay.  If Cutoff / Resonance is bright, high & sustaining, have you tried the Freeze & Freeze Rel combinations?
  • Yeah, I think that’s a function of the badass filter.  You can easily add up modulations and get that filter popping.  My only suggestions there are to back off the Cutoff / Resonance some, try reversing pos & neg, or tone down the modulation parameter amounts.