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      Really enjoying the Polysynth algorithm so far, but I’ve encountered a few things I think could be improved:

      • Unless I’m missing something, there’s no way to slightly detune the three oscillators when set in unison mode – that would be really cool, especially if they added a few more LFOs for subtle modulation
      • The attack time is great for big chord swells & pads, but it desperately needs a release time as well – it’s very jarring to swell into a nice chord and then hear it die abruptly when the guitar’s signal falls below threshold.
      • I’m getting some pretty gnarly clipping when playing hard with humbuckers – the input signal isn’t red, so it’s not clipping the H90 inputs, but it sounds like digital over-modulation.

      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Overall it’s great, but it could be so much better/closer to an actual synth rig with a few more tweaks. Anyone else have thoughts about Polysynth?</p>

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      • Curious, are you using the LFO Dest set to Detune, with a positive or negative LFO Amount, or just the Detune parameter itself?  Some combination of the above?
      • Without knowing the above, I can suggest to start by using one or the other:  Detune itself, or LFO Dest – Detune with LFO Amount minimal.  Set whatever you’re not using at the moment to zero.
      • Hmm, I don’t find PolySynth to be dropping off the cliff like HotSawz.  The filter envelope follower is a joy to use on string decay.  If Cutoff / Resonance is bright, high & sustaining, have you tried the Freeze & Freeze Rel combinations?
      • Yeah, I think that’s a function of the badass filter.  You can easily add up modulations and get that filter popping.  My only suggestions there are to back off the Cutoff / Resonance some, try reversing pos & neg, or tone down the modulation parameter amounts.
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      Eventide Staff

      In addition to what Brock mentioned above, you can use the momentary Freeze performance parameter, and adjust the freeze release time to your liking for a sustain/release sound. This works great with big swells and pads.

      If you think you are experiencing some issues with the synth engine distorting/clipping, it would be useful for us if you can provide and audio example and steps to reproduce this. Please email support@eventide.com with this information if you’d like to pursue this further.

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