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OK, I have RME Digiface USB to which Eclipse, H8000, RME Fireface 802 and RME Fireface UCX are connected using ADAT. And RME Octamic-D connected to FF 802 using ADAT.  And I want to use WC for clocking of Octamic as it does not have ADAT in to be clocked by ADAT (and I do not want have Octamic as master,  because I switch it on only if needed more mics in). All devices are close each other, just few feet.

It works with ADAT clocking fine, but the need to use WC for Octamic has raised the question if using WC would not be better.

I have read somewhere that jitter does does matter only on A/D and D/A, which seems to me true….. Digital computations may be done, when they are done, if they are done inside the time frame. So, really big jiter might cause problems in case heavy computing tasks…..

Am I right that if Eclipse/H8000 has lock and no dropouts and all is done digital (no A/D or D/A in Eventide unit, just digital in/out), jitter/clocking does not matter much?