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I have chatted with Taylor from Eventide and was advised to reduce the output levels of each head. I have loaded the first factory preset from Head Space algo (named Head Space), reduced output levels of each head from stock ten down to 5, and reduced the Tape Hiss parameter to zero. It helped a lot, but the preset was still reasonably noisy. What also reduced the noise was the Gains in General settings. I have set the IN gain to +3dB and out to -10dB, and now I have the noise level on pair with a bypass signal and can use and enjoy the Head Space algo finally. I agree that before the changes, the noise subsided gradually after I played and was coming back when I wasn’t.

Anyway, I don’t know how much this is a resolution in general; I would like the whole usable, noise-free level of each recording head, but I can make it work for now.