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Hey Baldadi, It’s not designed for it, but the H90 will drive headphones with just a y adapter on the stereo outs and an increase in the P out gain (10 to 12dB is usually enough). Also, I have posted a program list on Patch Storage that tries to approximate a Fender blackface amp sim using the EQCompressor algo. I have used it for convenient noodling with the H90 alone and it might even save me in a pinch someday. I don’t pretend that it is as good as a real amp sim and I agree with your request/suggestion. But this imperfect option is available now.

Great stuff, I’ll check it out! I do have a Beyerdynamic 770 250 ohm so not sure if it can be driven sufficiently, but let’s see.

We do have this pristine effects machine and it defeats it’s purpose a little by having to compromise with an OK-ish amp-sound to complement it… nonetheless, great work, thx!