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You’re welcome. I’m not entirely sure how the Z9 works with your setup. It only offers 10 amp presets, does it send more than 10 PCs to other devices? Do you only use 10 amp presets and 10 PitchFactor presets total?

Another thing to point out is the H90 has many more effects and features than the PitchFactor. If you are looking to upgrade from the PitchFactor because you’d like more effects, more routing options, a new control app, etc. then it seems like it would be worth looking into a different approach to organizing your Programs or different options for MIDI control of your amp if you are currently limited to 10 presets.

It looks like the amp has a built in MIDI DIN input and the amp itself can store more than 10 presets. You could easily connect the H90 directly to the amp via MIDI and take care of all of your Program Changes using only the H90.