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Thanks for the reply! Fair enough – I hope one day the old Vsig 2 is made open source, or at least updated one final time to add support for modules like ‘DLYSMP2’ or ‘SIMPSAMP’ for example, which currently have don’t function (‘Factor’ preset building blocks perhaps?). I’d love to see it put in the hands of those still using Orville’s, 7600’s, 8000’s, etc.

It’s a joy to use (I’ve actually had dreams about building algorithms in Vsig a few times!). There’s a certain definitiveness to using Vsig that I just don’t feel when I use other module-based apps like Reaktor or Max, where the program often becomes too large for it’s own good and the need to tweak the minutiae is always present – my ideas never feel totally realised. VSig (the old Harmonizer platform that started with the DSP4000) is almost perfect imo. Would be a massive treat for us still using the 8000 and below to get it open-source’d…I know many people still using Vsig with Orville’s, even 25 years later – they just aren’t outdated!

Anyway, thanks again for the reply (I actually stopped building a granular sampler/delay algo in Vsig to reply lol).