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I’ve had my Eventide for a while, been using ADAT up until now and have decided to switch to at least one analog input. I have 3 pieces of analog gear; a Roland Jupiter Xm, a Moog Subsequent 37, and an AT 4050 microphone.


A quick overview of inputs:

Analog Inputs 1/2 is the L/R channel of my Jupiter Xm

S/PDIF Input 1 is mapped from Analog Input 1 on the Focusrite (my microphone).

S/PDIF Input 2 is mapped from Analog Input 2 on the Focusrite (Moog Subsequent 37)


Since trying to make the move to analog, the S/PDIF input does nothing but crackle (first time using S/PDIF). I have tried this configuration swapped where the two S/PDIF Inputs above go into the H9000’s Analog 1/2, and the issue stays with the S/PDIF Input. I have also tried Optical S/PDIF (no luck there either), and I’ve tried setting both the Focusrite and the H9000 as the primary audio device in Windows (and all variations associated with these different variable changes). It also happens regardless of the sample right and buffer size that I use.

I’m using nothing but balanced and shielded cables where possible. I also have the world clock signal from my Focusrite 18i20 3rd Gen going to the eventide.

I have also tried using phantom power and not using phantom power to see if it changes the crackling issue. It does not. The audio is also usable right up until it goes into the H9000 over S/PDIF. Once it hits the H9000, it just turns into clicking.


Of note, I have gotten it to work on two occasions but I’m flabbergasted at what the circumstances were, and the issue typically returns when modifying algorithm parameters.

I’ve also attached screenshots of my Focusrite’s settings and my H9000’s settings.

I have absolutely no sound on SPDIF anymore (no crackling and popping, and no input sound), the crackling and popping sound has spread to the USB section as well.

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