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why dont you just buy cloudburst? thats strymon’s party trick , just like blackhole is Eventide’s i had the strymon big sky , i just could not get the ensemble effect to sound the same using other pitch shifting pedals i am on other forums, wherein members are trying emulate blackhole with strymon and other effects but really not the same you are paying the company for their ear and well curated sounds so we don’t have to spend hours dialling the sounds

It may surprise you to hear it, but I’ve already done so. Fairly soon after my original post, in fact, I acquired a Cloudburst. I rapidly came to the same conclusion as you. BTW, I had purchased a SPACE pedal (some time before the advent of the Blackhole pedal) due to a similar awareness.

I like your phrase, “party trick” but why not get more grandiose, something like “master stroke” or “ne plus ultra”? 😉