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I’d love to see a Lo-Fi plugin with bitcrushing, jitter, and sample rate reduction in a digital section of controls, and then an analog section with Type options for Casette, VHS, Vinyl, different noise types, Wow and Flutter settings, etc. Something to get us into Chroma Console territory.

I believe a Granular Reverb and/or Delay algorithm(s) would be a terrific addition for more modern style weirdness.

I’d love a Bouquet Chorus/Flanger algorithm. Basically, an old-school BBD chorus/flanger model for noisy analog chorus.

I think the H90 would benefit from a standalone Compressor algorithm, with types for FET, Opto, Omnipressor, VCA, with attack, release, and threshold controls. Wouldn’t mind if it included a gate/expander section too.

Speaking of gates, I’ll second requests for a global noise gate and one or more global LFOs. Those would be terrific additions. Bonus points if tthe gate worked more like an expander wtih the ability to attenuate signals below the threshold by fixed amounts. Usually, I want less noise over hard gating.

I don’t see any way of using outputs 3+4 to mirror outputs 1+2 just at different levels and have that always on. That would be nice. Example use-case: I want to keep a headphone Y-Cable plugged into outputs 3+4 running Line level, but keep 1+2 at Inst level to go to my amp. Should be as simple as creating a virtual, unity-gain send from 1+2 to 3+4 in the software. This way if headphones are or are not plugged in, or an amp is or is not plugged in, I don’t have to tweak any global settings. I can just plugin either an amp or headphones as needed using the outputs I configured. If any set of outputs has both outputs in use, the pedal should just assume stereo. So for example: if I have one mono out to an amp, then just mono operation. But if I have the Y-Cable in 3+4, then stereo operation for all algorithms.

We need better/faster program management in H90 control. I want to be able to easily swap programs in a list or have some other way to quickly reorder lists. Doing this is extremely tedious at the moment because you have to make copies of your programs to unused slots, then copy and paste multiple times. Drag and drop preset management should be the name of the game. Even if it’s done entirely on the H90 Control Software then “pushed out” to the hardware once list management is complete.