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Hello Akum432,

Hey! Is that possible to send control change MIDI message from an internal parameter mapped to a control change number?

This is not possible because mappings made in MIDI Global control are only responding to external controllers, not sending information from the H90.

I am able to assign a #cc to a quick knob (Press and hold the Quick Knob). H90 MIDI setting: -Channel 8 -Receive Omni: OFF -Output Mode: Transmit -H90 / OS -Clock Source: DIN

When MIDI Output mode is set to “Transmit,” the H90 only transmits CC messages from aux switches or expression pedals connected to the EXP inputs, not any of the onboard knobs. In other words, it’s only possible to record MIDI CC using an external controller rather than the H90’s quick knobs.

Something else I tried: In MIDI – Global Ctl, I tried to assign the Quick knob 1 to a #cc without success. I don’t necessarily want to control an external machine with the H90 knobs but rather record the movement of the H90 knobs in MIDI.

Again, the H90’s knobs do not send MIDI data in this manner. The programming in MIDI Global Control is simply for assigning external controllers, not transmitting from onboard knobs.